Highfield Primary School, Leeds
  • Welcome

    Highfield Primary School is a wonderful school for children to grow, play, learn and become ready for the next step in their young lives. Together we are nurturing the citizens of today, the leaders of tomorrow. We are doing this as educators, parents, and governors by fostering a love of learning regardless of the subject, discipline or activity. This allows each child to unlock their potential, achieve success, celebrate their talents and, ultimately, to lead successful lives and become positive role models in society. 

    Our rich, diverse and inclusive curriculum reflects the community we serve and represents the children we teach. Such strong cultural representation woven through it helps to develop a school community which appreciates human rights, social justice, equality, respect for diversity and British values. The curriculum is language rich and we are especially proud of its enhancement through the many experiences which add cultural capital to all our children. We support high standards of inclusion and emotional well-being, not only through our PSHE and wider curriculum, but also with our personal, social, emotional development (PSED) initiative which helps build strong interpersonal skills. Mental well-being is further nurtured within our broad curriculum, in particular the time given to the Arts and sports and extra-curricular experiences. Reading is such a crucial life skill and is embedded across the curriculum. This helps our children become confident, versatile language users, independent, critical thinkers and effective learners through a love of reading. We are also very fortunate to sit in grounds offering a superb educational environment which we utilise to enhance teaching and learning. This includes an orchard, conservation area, pond, sports field, basketball court, trim trail and magic garden all surrounded by the distinctive Highfield trees. It provides a safe, engaging base for outdoor learning. 

    We know our children. From when they enter Reception to leaving in Year 6, our staff are dedicated to their development and are passionate about allowing them to flourish by placing their well-being and outcomes at the centre of everything we do. Highfield is a school of unique, talented children bursting with energy and pride in who we are and what we stand for. Knowing our children and understanding how they learn is central to our philosophy of teaching and learning. Understanding our children’s cognitive development and actively engaging them is key to the successful delivery of our curriculum. That is why effective pedagogy, the theory and practice of learning, is an embedded part of our culture of professional development as we continually strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children. 

    The most important voice at Highfield is that of our pupils. We are wholly committed to listening to their views, wishes and experiences. It helps nurture responsibility, respect, partnership, leadership and ownership. Every child is unique with their own character, interests, skills, passions and thoughts. At Highfield we know our children and work together to unlock their potential. 

    I hope you enjoy visiting our website and learning about all that we offer and achieve. Should you wish to come and see for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

    Mr Feeley